Increase max points above 9,999?

We are only 1/3 of the way through our program, but some kids are already at 5,000+ points (we set up 1 minute reading = 1 point, since no other awards give points). This means the 9,999 point max for the system will soon be an obstacle.

The max overall points setting isn’t with the other limiters (in Control Room > Settings > System Settings), but I assume it is somewhere in the database. Can this be changed relatively easy mid-program? And if so, where might I find it?

Thanks! (And also, how on earth can kids read more than a thousand minutes in a week?! Jealous.)

Hey, where do you get the impression that there’s a 9,999 point maximum? In my development environment I upped the max points settings in System Settings and was able to log over 10k points without a problem.

Let me know where you see that limitation!

(Sorry for delayed response… away from the office for a few days)

If I try to set up a report using the Points From/To limiter, I get this message: “Points To must be from 0 to 9999!” when I put in a number higher than 9999.

A similar message appears when assigning points awarded for an Event. The message isn’t triggered until I enter more than 9,999 (ie 10,000+), but the message says “Points awarded must be from 0 to 99!” This field will let me enter and save anything 0 - 9,999.

If it’s just a limitation of the fields and not actually the system, I won’t worry about it! But the message and/or limits will still need some cleaning up. I just assumed it was a system limit based on the messages and fact that it won’t let me apply more than 4 digits.

Sorry about my delay in getting back to you!

I think those are just limitations on those search fields (which probably should be replaced anyways). You should be good to go over 9,999, let me know if you see anything that doesn’t work right!

Thanks, @harald! I’ll keep an eye on things. One kid is approaching 8,000 (!) points.