If 3.1.1 or 3.2 came out would you upgrade now?


Justin and I have continued making changes and improvements to the GRA software after the 3.1 release. I haven’t really spent much time thinking about releasing 3.1.1 or a 3.2 lately due to the time crunch here with our program starting in 15 days 14 hours and 25 minutes (but who is counting?).

I suspect that most of you using the GRA this year for your 2016 summer reading program are less than enthusiastic about trying to do an upgrade at this point being so close to what is likely the start of your program.

If anyone has any strong feelings or thoughts please share in this thread so I can try to gauge whether it’s worth trying to push through a release before June 1st or if “good enough” is good enough for now for all of you.

Thanks for any input you can provide and your continued support! :sunglasses:


The upgrades so far have been smooth and simple (I think - @bcunningham is our upgrade man). I’d be willing to try the upgrade, but our program starts on 5/23.

As someone who’s trying to help with documentation, it would be great to be using the latest and greatest version to be more helpful to the next group of users. But I’m a little nuts.


Yes the updates/upgrades have been wonderfully smooth.


At the moment I’d probably not upgrade again before our program this summer. The new features coming through are super sweet, and while I’m not the one pushing through the upgrades themselves, I’m still trying to get everything else (badges, avatars, training staff) in line as soon as possible and can’t sort through any new additions and really appreciate them/use them fully.


I’d probably upgrade.