How to sign up families


Do you need to make an account for the adult and make the accounts under that? How are family accounts made? Thanks!


The adult/parent/caregiver should start with themselves first when registering. They’ll have the option to register additional people after they finish registering themselves.

If family members, for whatever reason, don’t register together, they can still be joined after the fact - or they can register additional family members at any point.

I highly recommend trying the demo (, so you can see how it works for yourself.


It didn’t seem to be showing up when I tried the demo, but I’ve got it figured out now. Thank you!


A couple more questions.

  1. Under Parental Consent when signing up, how can I add text to that option on the other side of the box they mark so they know what exactly they’re consenting to? Adding the words in the static text didn’t seem to be successful.

  2. I see in the demo that there is an “Adventures” button at the top. I have my adventures active but that button isn’t up there. Challenges and Events are. Any idea as to why it isn’t showing up?

  3. Also, how exactly do secret codes work? How do I generate them and how are they used?



This thread is quickly going off topic, but to address your questions:

Go to Programs > Edit Record > in that first Basic Information tab there’s a large text field for Consent Text. Don’t forget to also check the Consent Flag checkbox just above.

I don’t use Adventures (yet), so will have to see what someone else says.

Secret codes are documented in the manual: They are extremely easy to set up and use, and I’m addicted to them. Start a new thread if you have more questions about secret codes!


There appears to be a bug in setting Adventures active the first time - if you can edit your Web.config file (even just using your FTP program to download the Web.config file and then uploading the same file back) it should cause the Web server to poke the AppPool which will reset whether or not it displays.

Sorry about this!


This still doesn’t seem to be working…is there something in the web.config that I should make sure is present?


Hi! I just created a post explaining how to set up your Levels for “Adventures” here:

I hope that helps answer your question! If not, please let me know.