How to award badge for signing up (AND based upon date)?


I wanted to award different badges for signing up for different programs (automatically at the point of signup), so I set awards to to be awarded at 0 points and that doesn’t work. I don’t see obvious place to set this up otherwise…

And because I want even more badges, I also wanted to award different badges for signing up at different times (for the different programs as well). So for those signing up in the first week would get an Early Bird Sign Up Badge, but then signups after that period of time would receive a different signup badge.

The latter seems unlikely to be automatic, but the former seems doable. Where can I set this up?



Sign-up badges are configured in the Program section of the control room - once you select a program on the “Description & Game” tab you’ll see a Badge option at the top - that badge is awarded upon successful registration for that program.

Ideas for your second option:

  1. You could set up an Award Trigger/Badge Trigger so that if a user logs a point they automatically get a badge and then disable it after your “early-bird” period. They would need to earn at least a point for this to trigger.

  2. You could use the “Manual Awards” to find people who logged a point between a date range and manually award them the badge. They would need to earn at least a point for this to trigger and they wouldn’t get it at the moment they earned the point, they’d receive it at the time that you submitted the manual badge earn.

  3. You could change which badge is awarded upon registration for the programs from the “early bird” badge up front to the “regular” registration badge on a certain date - this wouldn’t allow both the “registration” and “early bird” badges to be awarded automatically though.

  4. You could include a secret code in the registration “mail” that would give them another badge (and change the text of that registration mail after the early bird period).

Option 4 is probably closest to what you want but relies on them to enter the code in after they receive it.

The next release of the software (soon) will allow you to create a URL that will pre-populate the code on the dashboard screen so all they’d have to do is click “Submit” under “Secret code” after clicking the link.