How can the social media links be removed?

We don’t want to give our young readers the option to post to Twitter or Facebook. Is there a way to remove this through the admin screens, or should I just change the templates on the server?

You go to “Programs” then click on “Static text” then pick the program you want and delete the social media text. :slight_smile:

Hi Natalie,

I had tried that and it didn’t make a difference. Twitter and Facebook still show up as options when sharing badges, etc. I’ve also restarted the server just in case a configuration file had to be reloaded.

Have you been able to remove the social media references from your site this way? I wonder what I’m doing wrong.


No, I thought it did remove the links, but it didn’t remove them from the badges, only the main page. I’m not sure how to remove them then. :expressionless: Sorry!