GRA website is asking to Install the database again?


The website has been running internally for over a month and yesterday when you navigate to the website, its asking to setup the database again. nothing has changed on our end and I vaguely remember something like this happening when I was installing it the first time. Is there a workaround for this issue besides backing up the database, reinstalling it and restoring it?




That should only be showing up if the software cannot reach the database. It it possible the database user’s password expired? Are you able to connect to SQL Server as that database user and run queries against the GRA database (such as SELECT * FROM PROGRAMS)?



I found that the Runtime user account password was expired. I disabled the “Enforce Password Policy” option in SQL and after that I was able to launch the website successfully. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



No problem, glad to have the issue resolved! :slight_smile: