GRA v4.0 and v4.1.1 released


It’s been quite a while but we have some updates for you! We released version 4.0 of The Great Reading Adventure on October 9th (we didn’t post an announcement about that release, see below). Today we are releasing version 4.1.1 which is our recommended version to use moving forward.

You can find the Version 4.1.1 release on GitHub with some updated documentation in the manual. As of this version we’re also supporting a Docker container which is how we’ve been running it here for the last year or so.

As for timeline: moving forward we are working on some updates to the software to support our winter reading program. Updates we’re planning:

  • Carousel on the dashboard that we’re going to use to link to collection materials
  • Facility for sending emails to participants
  • Integrated system for assisting with scheduling performers

We hope to have these changes incorporated by the end of January. Since this architecture of the software facilitates easier upgrades, we are hoping to release updates to the software in smaller bits and more frequently. We’ll see how that works out.

That’s all the exciting news. I’m going to explain some about the 4.0/4.1 thing below just in case anyone is wondering:

When we started rewriting the GRA for version 4 it was October of 2016 (!!) and the latest-and-greatest from Microsoft for .NET Core was version 1.0. Migrating to version 1.1 when it was released in March of '17 was not a big deal. Version 2.0 looked like a more substantial set of changes and we were focused on other things at the time so we continued targeting 1.1 which is still in “long-term support” by Microsoft. Once Microsoft released 2.1 (May '18) we decided to dig in and update to the new latest-and-greatest before our next reading program. We released 4.0 (using .NET Core 1.1) and 4.1 (using .NET Core 2.1) on November 30th and verison 4.1.1 (using .NET Core 2.1) on December 13th.

As always thanks to everyone who uses the software and feel free to provide any feedback!

EDIT: This was posted on November 30th and I’m editing the post today (December 13th) as we have released v4.1.1 which fixes some bugs and adds some features!