GRA v4.0.0-beta1 released


I wanted to let you all know that we’ve released version 4.0.0-beta1 of The Great Reading Adventure!

(Don’t be afraid that it’s called “-beta1”, I just want to get the documentation sorted before we release what we call 4.0 final. This is the exact code we’ve used for our last three reading programs and I can assure you it’s been very stable for us!)

I’m currently working on getting revisions to the manual that will walk through how to install and configure it in addition to importing the avatars from Glitch. This process is a little different due to our moving to .NET Core. If you are technically minded and antsy, here’s a rough how-to:

  • Install the version 1.1.x “Hosting Bundle” from Microsoft’s .NET Core Runtime downloads on your server
  • Download the GRA v4.0.0-beta1 and unzip it in an IIS Web share
  • Modify appsettings.json to set a SQL Server database connection and change the administrator authorization code
  • Fix permissions (the software expects to write to a directory called shared inside the Web directory)

It’s even easier to deploy in a Docker environment.

I’m working on updating the documentation will post here when I have something that’s a little more user-friendly to walk through.

Again, I apologize that it’s taken us so long to get this released. I can promise you we’ve poured our hearts into it!!

GRA v4 and 2017


Thanks, @harald! Looking forward to getting my hands in it. :slight_smile:


@harald and everyone else,

Indeed, thank you for your diligence and hard work. My team and I look forward to using this new version of the GRA.