GRA Patron Side Does not Work with recent versions of IE without compatibility mode enabled


We are having issues using the patron side of the GRA software when browsing using IE 11 or 10. When using these browser versions logging minutes does not work – after entering in the time and clicking the blue Submit button, the button changes to “Logging…” but nothing ever happens and the minutes are not logged.

Additionally, when trying to click on a challenge entry to view it, clicking the link does not bring up the popup window that lists the steps to complete the challenge.

Finally, we cannot view messages when logged in as a patron. After clicking the mailbox icon the mesage shows up but when attempting to click the blue link to view it nothing happens.

All of these issues listed above are non-existent with the Chrome browser but I fear the majority of our participants will be using the IE browser and will be unable to use the program.

Thank you for the great work you are doing!!


Well that’s no good at all! :frowning2: Sorry about that!!

Is it possible for you to hit F12 while you are in IE to open up the developer tools and then see if anything shows up on the “Console” tab when you try things that are not working (like logging minutes)? Any JavaScript errors which show up in that tab might help me troubleshoot the problem.

Alternately, if it’s possible for me to access your site over the Internet feel free to send me the URL (you can use the private message facility in the forum software if you like) and I can try to register from here and see if I can figure out what’s happening.

On our demo site ( I’m able to log minutes, view a challenge, and review messages using IE 11 (11.212.10586.0). I suspect there must be a configuration difference somewhere.


Hi Harold,

Thank you for the prompt reply – The console view in IE was indicating an error on submit – I was able to get it working by installing the .Net Framework 4.5 on the web server and rebooting.

You da man!

Thanks again!!


Just glad to hear that it’s working! :sunglasses: