Fix for multi-tenancy environments with 3.0.x and 3.1

Some problems were noted in this thread about some patrons not appearing in the Control Room in a multi-tenancy environment. Upon investigation I realized that a shortcut had been taken in two stored procedures (both either authored or updated by me) which would cause this issue in a multi-tenant environment.

Attached is a SQL script which should fix those two stored procedures. As always, a database backup is strongly recommended before running a script like this.

If you are not running a multi-tenant/multi-organization environment you do not need to run this script. Sorry about the bug! (1.6 KB)

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There was an error in this fix. I’ve uploaded a new file that fixes the error. If you ran the original file please run this revised one.

The error appears if you search for a patron that exists in the Control Room.

Thanks to @Holly for finding the bug for me. :wink:

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