Events link outside GRA


Is it possible to change the URL for the events tab to point to our library calendar instead of the GRA’s events page? Or will the system overwrite it if you just change it?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, do you want the link from the events page to link directly to your event calendar rather than displaying the related event link in the event pop-up?


No, I am curious if we can bypass the internal events listing entirely. From the user home page, I’d like to click the “events” link and have it go to our online calendar instead of


If your administrator can redirect the entire /Events/ URL in your GRA installation to your event system in IIS it would probably work the best. There are two places you could fix it in SRP.Master but there’s one reference to it in the badge details code which won’t be as easy to edit (you’d need to recompile the software).

I’ve found the IIS URL Rewrite module to be the easiest way to effectively handle redirection in IIIS.

You’ll miss out on my awesome structured data code and cool social media sharing buttons though! :scream:

Questions about GRA setup

I find the GRA Events to be tremendously helpful, since our own website events page is just a giant table (and really the only mobile-UNfriendly part of our site). I love that the GRA setup will ignore past events, and has the keyword search, making it more likely that patrons will find something they can attend!


I really like the Events module, too. It’s simpler and cleaner than our online calendar. But my staff is interested in having one place to go for events.


Makes sense to me. We will probably eventually migrate to that model when we have a more interactive event capability on our main Web site.

I’ll try to put some sort of easy override in the software for next year so you can just redirect Event links to an external event system.

Edit: filed!


That’s a great idea.


And URL Rewrite in IIS did exactly what we wanted.