Emails for admin/general users not received


The SMTP settings were configured and the system admin did receive the test email during setup. Emails to new admin users added by me, using both Outlook and Gmail emails, were not received. I created a general user account (using the public Register method) then asked for password recovery. That was an hour ago and no email for that action either.


Is it possible for the admin to see if emails are being received on the mail server and ensure the mail server port is still accessible from the Web server? Also is it possible to post (or send me if that’s better for privacy reasons) the mail section of the Web.config with any logins or passwords removed?


I’ll request that info. Thanks, Harald.


Here’s the mailSetting output from web.config file.

    <network host="SRV1" />
    <specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation="c:\inetpub\smtp\" />

Host SRV1 is accessible from the Web server. I don’t see any mail received on the server except for the test email sent during setup.


I don’t believe that “specifiedPickupDirectory” line should not be present. Try having your admin delete that line and save the file to see if perhaps that fixes it.


Removing that line did not fix it.


Hmm, and you can reliably resolve SRV1 from the Web server? SMTP is listening on the default port (25)? From the server can you use putty or a similar app to telnet to port 25 on the mail server to verify connectivity?

Sorry about this, it seems like it should be working. :frowning:


@holly: also, feel free to put me in touch with your IT people if you think it would help to try to work this out more rapidly.


IT decided to wipe the slate and do a complete reinstall. Testing now. Thanks, Harald!


Created a general public-end user and asked for a password reset. It’s been about an hour and no email. “My” IT guy is Brice, who has an account here on the forum…


This one has been resolved. Thx harald for all your assistance!


Woohoo! Thank you Brice and Harald!


I’m glad we got it all sorted out!