Email through exchange

How do we configure the app to send mail through Microsoft Exchange?

Your Exchange server should have SMTP enabled (on port 25 or 587). Most email servers either accept mail based on the source IP address (i.e. if it’s coming from the local network then it’s okay to relay) or by a login and password. If it’s just by IP address all you need to do is configure the GRA to use that IP address and port. If it’s by login and password you’ll need to specify those as well. You can go through the initial setup or edit the Web.config file manually to make the necessary changes (let me know if you need help with that).

Thanks @harald. That wasn’t actually me who wrote the question so I’ll pass along and get back to you. Everything else was a breeze to set up, so after a long troubleshoot session we just skipped the mail test and continued on.

Fair enough. There’s no pretty UI for configuring mail after the initial setup (another feature to add!) but it can be changed in the Web.config with a text editor (such as notepad.exe) as needed.

Thanks! That’s good to know.

Since we’ve moved this in-house, this is the first time I’m seeing any database stuff on my end. Specifics on what to change in web.config would be awesome!

See if this helps :e-mail:!