Documentation contribution?


How can I contribute to writing the documentation? I can’t see an obvious way to contribute to the Read the Docs manual.


Let me know what you’re working on. I’m writing up stuff for the gap between setting up the server and making badges (Step-by-Step Configuration… Badge Awards)


Thanks, @Holly. Since I just went through the test setup, I was thinking of doing that.


That would be awesome, because I poked in there and didn’t have the time to figure out the tests yet! I went against the recommendation of the manual and started our setup as multi-tenancy (out of necessity), so I have that learning experience to document.


By the way @carisomalley: as I’ve told @holly in the past - I will accept documentation in any form - Word documents, posted here on the forum, in an email to me, whatever works for the person authoring it. I am happy to reformat it for the manual and put it back in. You are always welcome to contribute via GitHub but if that process is to complex or technical feel free to just send me bits and I can reformat them and get them in the manual.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention that. And since @harald is swamped with other things, I’ve been posting my docs to this forum under the How To category… that way they are immediately available to others.


Great. I think I can manage it on Github- I did it for the initial pages that are in there, apparently. I bet I can do it again.


I wasn’t doubting your skills, just worried about how busy you are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See? You’re just thinking farther ahead than I am.