Display message when people log in


Maybe there’s a way to do this already, but say I have a message to announce to everyone. Is there a way we can have a spot on the main page when people log in that they can see? Say if an event is canceled, we can announce it on there instead of having to send an email.

If not, that would be a great feature to have in an update. :slight_smile:


You can use the Mail feature to do this! Or if you want it to show up right on the main page, you can edit the static text for one or many programs, so that it would show up above or below the logging field.


Everything Holly says here is spot on. In addition you could edit the actual files (for example the Dashboard.aspx if you just want to show it on the user dashboard) and put it in there (if you look at where the “SponsorText” control is you could insert the text right above that).

You are right in that this kind of customization needs to be much easier and clearer and we’ll certainly try to work that in to the software.