Databases to set up


You’ll have to excuse me because I’m from a small library and I’m self-taught in most of my coding skills (I’m a blogger).

I don’t even know where to start…what databases are people using to set this program up? Where do I start? If I can get initial set up then I can play with the coding and everything. What do I use to set it up, and how do I connect that to my library’s website?

I’m pretty pressed for time, so any help getting me started is appreciated!


Hi! The GRA Manual is a good place to start. The Installation section is quite possibly the most complete, and will get you details on requirements and the process.


The manual details the System Requirements to run the GRA software. You could check with your IT department to see if you have that kind of environment available. If not, there are hosting services you can pay to allow you to install and run the software.


Where you able to get this going? I think I’m in the same boat… I used the free 3 month trial period of hosting at to see if I could do it. The installation was slightly different than the general directions, but I learned as I went & now it’s installed and I’m working on customizing for a trial run this summer.


Thank you, I’m going to try that. If you got it running, I would love to speak to you about it.