Custom image doesn't show on home page


Entering an image url in the Site Logo Url field (Mission Control > Site Management > Configuration) doesn’t replace the default meadow image. I haven’t found another place in Mission Control to upload an image or url to one, so assuming this is the place.

(My custom image does show up in Site Management > System Information)

Additionally I can’t find the place to change the copy text on the home page, so maybe I’m not in the right place to begin with. In GRA v3 I found this info tucked away inside the Program info, but that area is (wonderfully) simplified in v4…


Sorry about that! I realize now that setting is misleading in the Site Configuration section of the application.

We haven’t quite got the customizable front page stuff in the admin portion of the application yet, in order to change those pages you have to edit .cshtml files in the Views/Home directory where the application is deployed. There are five of them that align with the schedule in the Site Management area of Mission Control:

File Description
IndexBeforeRegistration.cshtml Shown prior to the “Registration Opens” date
IndexRegistrationOpen.cshtml Shown between “Registration Opens” date and “Program Starts”
IndexProgramOpen.cshtml Shown between “Program Starts” and “Program Ends”
IndexProgramEnded.cshtml Shown between “Program Ends” and “Access Closed”
IndexAccessClosed.cshtml Shown after “Access Closed”

Those dates don’t have to be different, for example “Registration Opens” and “Program Starts” can be set to the same date if you don’t want to have a pre-registration period. Likewise, “Program Ends” and “Access Closed” can be set to the same date if you don’t want to allow people to log in after the program ends.

The .cshtml files are Razor templates and can be edited with any regular text editor (Notepad.exe, Atom, Notepad++).

Let me know if this helps. Sorry this isn’t all fully-functional from Mission Control yet.


I figured it was something like that. Thanks, @harald! v4 is awesome so far and well worth the kinks.