Custom avatars disappeared after upgrade to V 3.1


Error? Or issue specific to our database?

The custom avatars I had created are now missing.


  • avatar for an existing account created prior to upgrade
  • option to choose avatar when registering
  • avatars listed in Control Room


In the upgrade release notes there was a comment about avatars being replaced - the GRA now has a customizable avatar system where people can chose different avatar elements in order to build their own avatar (you can see this live a

In the upgrade instructions the new default avatar artwork should have copied into the appropriate directory and the upgrade database script should have inserted new avatar bits into the database.


Oops. Sorry, I missed that bit. We do like the new customizable avatar - I just didn’t catch that the others would go away. Thanks for clearing that up!


Sorry about that! I probably should try to make it a little more obvious when things are going away or changing abruptly! :fearful:


No worries. I should do a better job of READING the notes instead of just skimming them. :confused:


We actually liked the custom avatars that we had added for our program in version 3.0 which are now replaced with the customizable three part option. I’m guessing there isn’t a way to revert that only, or duplicate the previous ‘non-stacked’ single part approach.

And the page where the avatars are customized has

<span id="MainContent_AvatarControl_Label1">avatar-title</span>

which seems weird?


There’s currently not a way to go back to the old avatar system though it is possible to upload your own avatar art. We’re actually using the three layers for background, person, and accessory (e.g. dog) rather than the default layout (here’s a sample avatar for our program).

The avatar-title text should be replaced with the text that was added to the program resource text in steps 16 and 17 of the upgrade process. The site might require a restart (the App Pool just needs to cycle) to reload that text - it should happen automatically after a certain amount of time or you can edit the Web.config file and save it to force IIS to restart the App Pool.

Sorry about that with the Avatars, I may not have made it clear enough that the system was going to change. :scream: Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help.

PS: I think if you remove all the avatar art via the Control Room and upload your art all in one layer (like layer 0) then the other buttons will just be disabled and they’ll cycle with the enabled buttons. That might solve the problem for now (though look a little wonky with the non-functional arrow buttons). I might be able to provide some edits so that you can hide the arrows that you aren’t using.