Creating FAQ or other new content pages


I like the separate FAQ page that Maricopa has setup that is still on the GRA server/domain but I can’t find a way to set that up in the Control Room.

It’s the page over here:

But there is also the about and privacy pages as well linked to in the footer.


So that’s actually my summer reading site so I’ve added those pages in Visual Studio and compiled and deployed the site myself. We actually have plans to add some sort of “static page” functionality to the GRA but we didn’t quite get to it this year before the real summer reading crunch started.


This might seem a little technical depending on your skill level but I think I’ve devised a scheme to allow you to add arbitrary pages to the site.

Attached to this message is a ZIP file containing a two ASPX files: simple and complex template pages. These files can be edited in any text editor to contain custom content for your site and copied into your GRA installation. Here’s a little info about getting started with them:

  1. It’s an IIS and ASPX convention that the directory index file is named Default.aspx - if you want to make a URL similar to http://your-install/about/ then you’d make an about directory in your GRA installation, copy one of the ASPX template files attached to this message in, and rename it to Default.aspx. This is an IIS setting and may have been changed in your environment but this convention usually holds true.

  2. You’ll see the Title and MetaDescription attributes of the ASPX Page tag, those can be customized.

  3. The page has three <asp:Content ...> sections.

    a. The first one (HeaderContent) is displayed in the page header, after the jQuery, Bootstrap, and general GRA styles are loaded. It is there for adding your own putting page-wide CSS. You’ll note that there’s a method call to TranslateStrings in this section (the line that starts with <%) - just leave it there.

    b. The second (MainContent) is where the HTML for the page goes that displays between the navbar at the top and the “upsell” and footer at the bottom. At this point in the page you are contained inside a Bootstrap container (<div class="container">) so you can begin using the Bootstrap grid system by adding <div class="row"> to lay out your page. The templates provide some guidance.

    c. The last section (BottomOfPage) is generally there for doing below-the-fold non-render-blocking JavaScript (I use it mostly for jQuery) as you’ll see on the complex test page.

I’m sorry this is not a simple process at this point but hopefully this will allow you to do what you’re looking to do this year. Next year we’ll try to get something in place to handle this in a little more user-friendly way. Let me know if this works for you! (1.2 KB)

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