Connecting to SQL


@harald @LibrarianLisAnn I ended up not using Visual Studio, instead when I wanted to edit a file (I can’t even remember what it was for), I used NoteTab… but when trying to open a file to edit from FireFTP, it tries for Visual Studio first & that’s why I installed it.
I haven’t tried SMTP, that may be a question for Everleap.
As for email, through Everleap the address I have is now so it’s not bad. ( I’ll have to see more places in the game where the email is called for and test whether in-game emails work.


My concerns with the emails is in patron password recovery. If email’s not working they are going to think they’re sending themselves password requests but they’re not going to ever receive them.

I’ll look into it further.


oh… the emails for patron password resets are routed through… I see.
I just tried that & haven’t gotten an email yet. You’re right.


Let me know if it ends up working for you. I’m on a roll now. :grin:


When I put in the address ( I get a page for the prereaders program. I’m not sure how to get all of the programs I set up on one page and customize that homepage? I figured if I had links for them, I could just create buttons on our website ( to pick their age group and then log in. But I’m not sure how to customize the homepage to show all the programs (and maybe not have the media for the toddler program). Also, how do I get rid of the part that says “All of what you are seeing can be easily customized for your library!”?


You have two options on this:

  1. You can set your program details in the Control Room to be the same for each of your programs - describing your overall summer reading program rather than each individual program (i.e. prereaders, teens, etc). This is the approach we take where I am. The only place that program detail text is visible is on the front page of the site.
  • If you ask for age, the software will sort people into the right program as they sign up (this is set with the Max Age setting in the Program Add/Edit -> Basic Information tab in the Control Room.
  • Whether or not it auto-sorts patrons by age, they will see a drop-down as they sign up where they can select which program they want to sign up for.
  1. Alternately, you can use direct links to go directly to the front page for each program if you prefer. You’ll find those links in Program Add/Edit -> Basic Information in the Control Room (so probably something like for the first program listed, for the second, etc.).

That part on the bottom is listed in the software as upsell. You can edit that text by going into the Program tab in the Control Room and selecting Static Text. You’ll see where you can edit a lot of text for the software. If you want that text to just go away, you can delete it or you can change it to say whatever you like. You can see more about how to style it in How to edit upsell text forum post.