"Configuration Failed" in the last step of the configuration


I am running sql server 2008 r2 along with a virtual 2008 web server.
The following issue occurred:
Database error occurred, aborting: Error: There is already an object named ‘app_AvatarPart_Delete’ in the database. data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal on query: CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[app_AvatarPart_Delete] @APID INT, @TenID INT = NULL AS DELETE FROM [AvatarPart] WHERE APID = @APID AND TenID = @TenID

Any advice, please advise, thanks in advance.

Please note i am currently using version 3.1.0


This sounds like the database already exists? Can you delete the database and recreate it before stepping through the initial setup process?