Change email settings after initial setup in v3

Sometimes it happens: the mail settings weren’t available during initial setup or a typo was made. That’s okay, it’s possible to change the email settings after you install!

In order to make these changes you will have to edit the Web.config file that’s in your installation directory. If this is on a server you have access to directly you can just edit the file with any text editor such as notepad.exe. If you are using a hosted copy of the GRA you’ll need to figure out if you can edit it remotely (some hosting providers let you do this in a Web browser); use a tool to edit it remotely (some FTP/SFTP clients let you do this); or download the file, edit, and then upload it back to your hosting provider.

In order to modify the email settings you are looking for the section in the Web.config that looks like this:

            <network host="mailserver" 
  1. The host setting (set to mailserver above) is the machine that is running your mail service (specifically SMTP). The machine running the GRA will need to be able to reach that machine. Sometimes this will be a host name (like but if name service isn’t set up it might be an IP address (like
  2. The port setting is what port on that machine that SMTP is listening on. Usually this is 25 or 587, sometimes it is 465.
  3. The enableSsl setting is whether or not to send the email with encryption. Usually this will be set to false or the setting won’t be present (which means false). You probably only need this if your administrator or mail provider says that you do.
  4. userName and password are necessary if your mail server/service requires a login and password to send mail. Typically a mail server on your network that your IT department maintains will allow servers on that same network to send mail without a username and password and typically external mail services will require them.

There are some free email providers you can try to use if you don’t have the facility for sending emails in your environment. There’s a list of some in the mail documentation for this forum software which might provide a good starting point. Please note: my pointing this out does not serve as an endorsement or recommendation for any of them.

Once you make changes, you can navigate to Settings => Test Email in the ControlRoom to send yourself an email ensuring everything is working.

Thanks, @harald! :grin: