Challenges & Secret Codes


We created a challenge that has several tasks. One of the tasks is to attend an event at the library. We also created an event that has a secret code. When they check off each task to complete the challenge, the event task does not require a code which allows them to simply check it off and earn the badge. Is there a way to do this? Just getting started with the GRA and we love it!


I am so sorry about the delay getting back to you.

At the moment we don’t have the ability for a challenge task to accept a secret code. One approach you could use right now is the following:

  1. Create the first trigger attached to the event to accept a secret code.
  2. Create a challenge with the tasks that are checked off.
  3. Create an additional trigger that fires when both 1 and 2 are completed to award a ‘meta-badge’ (‘mega-badge’?)

I’ll add a note that we might want to add the ability to have codes associated with challenge tasks, I believe we’ve had questions about this before.