Can't (easily) edit logout url


I have entered a Logout URL (Control Room > Programs > Program List > Edit Record > Basic Information), but now I can’t edit it…

The field for Logout URL is only responsive to a click in the space of the first character. If not clicked in that first (relatively small) area, it appears that the field is now un-editable.


Grr. There was a past issue with the big text editor field embed I selected which might be causing this issue. For now the workaround might be to click in a field on the page and use the tab key until you get down to the logout field.

Sorry about that. I fixed that somewhere along the line but I’m not sure if that was prior to or after the 3.0.3 release. :frowning2:


No worries. I tested every other field and it’s ONLY the Logout URL field that is goofy.