Can't change patron password


When I am logged in to the staff site, I can’t change some patron passwords. I type in the new password and click save or save/return, but when I go back and look at the patron’s record again the password has reverted back to the old one. Help!


Are you using GRA version 3 or 4?

I’m running the latest release (version 4.0.0-beta2) and no matter the permissions assigned you can’t see passwords, only reset them. It sounds like you’re running some release of v3, but I recall security being the same way in previous versions (passwords not visible). Can you provide details and steps on how you’re doing this?


Hi Holly-

You’re right! We are using v3. I played around with it a little more, and although the password changes are indeed sticking, it still looks like a whole long string of dot-placeholders, which was confusing us. All is well. Thanks!