Can I manage my whole group without patrons using GRA?


My patrons are young and many don’t have email. But I like the idea of managing my summer reading program from your site. Can I do this? I’d like to enter their names and update their accounts as they come in and meet with me. It’s usually 100 participants and I like to meet with each to discuss their reading.


At minimum, you need to enter a first and last name, a username, and password. Those are the only required fields (unless you add others)



As @Holly points out, it’s totally possible for you to manage your reading program using the GRA software even if the patrons themselves are not accessing it or logging in.

In order to run the GRA you’d need a server to install it on (a machine running Windows Server and a SQL Server database). For a smaller installation you can almost certainly use SQL Server Express or LocalDB as the database part. There are also hosting options - for a small program you could probably find suitable free hosting (I was able to get the application working on’s free tier).