Book challenges not working correctly

I want to set up my reading program so kids get a badge for every 5 books they read. I tried this as a challenge which triggered after so many points (5 books=25 points, earns badge.) This seemed to work well until I went to the “show all challenges” button and discovered that all I have to do is click on a badge and it will award it to me. I set them all up with a single task–read X books. Clearly this will not work!

Is it possible to set up my badges to trigger based on the number of books read without it being a challenge? If so, how?

Hey there!

What you want to do is possible, and easiest to achieve during the initial installation process. Look towards the bottom of this page and you’ll see some information on where you would go to modify this setting.

Basically, what you’re wanting to do is change the point translation from “one minute, one point” to “one book, one point.” If you want to try your luck modifying this after installation, have a look at this page instead.

And I just stumbled upon this functionality in the System Control interface: