Board Games & Physical SRP integration


I was wondering if there is any Board Game setup explanation.
Also, how are folks integrating or working with the GRA alongside a physical/traditional Summer Reading Program?



We are still going to be giving physical prizes (at least for this year), in addition to digital badges. We are asking that patrons print out or show us their digital badge for the various prize levels. I would like to make use of the ‘Award Physical Prize’ integration in the Control Room, but haven’t quite figured out how to make this really easy for staff.

This is our first year using the GRA and we’ve only just begun registration. Logging begins in two weeks… plenty of time to figure everything out, right?! :slight_smile:

Interested in the workflow for others tackling this issue: patron comes in and wants their prize: 1) how to determine whether they have reached the level and 2) how to indicate they’ve received the prize… in an easy way that circ desk staff can handle.


The board game stuff is a little…esoteric. I’m going to talk to our Services Team Managers about how this works and try to either get some documentation to post or have them post here to explain it.

As far as physical game boards: it is possible to scan the game board and then have the avatar appear in (or near) the appropriate space on the game board on the computer but that’s a bit of an involved process to get configured. Our team opted not to do that this year - we’re still handing out paper game boards if people request them and we’ll redeem the coupon when the appropriate number of spaces have stickers but the paper game board and online program don’t really connect.

Insofar as physical prizes - we award a coupon at a 500 points which customers need to come in to a branch in order to pick up. Here’s the outline of how we set it up:

  1. We have three user groups - administrators, branch staff, and volunteers.

  2. Branch staff and volunteers have access to the “Patron” portion of the site (volunteers only have access to the Patron Management “permission”—in our system we enlist teen volunteers to work a volunteer table signing people up and redeeming these coupons).

  3. By accessing the Patron Prizes option in the control room, our staff and volunteers can see that the customer has earned the appropriate prize (it shows as “Available, click to redeem” and then click to the prize as “redeemed” and hand the customer their coupon (see images below).

Appearance when available:

Appearance when redeemed:

This process is a little cumbersome and it can be challenging to get all of the staff on board with handling it (our Services Team Managers begin training staff for summer reading in March and are still performing training sessions this week, even). One could also theoretically go into patron records and see which badges they’ve earned (under Patron Badges in the Control Room) but that might be even more cumbersome depending on how many badges you have configured in the system (we’re up to 675 in our system and we still have ~3 weeks until June 1st!).

I realize this might not be a huge help but I just wanted to spell out how this works more explicitly as I know it’s not documented well. :tired_face:


Thanks for the tips on how to manage the in-house side of things, Harald. The specific permissions you use are very helpful. We give prizes for every hour of reading (up to 10) for kids under 11, so there is a lot of thinking about ways to make the workflow more efficient. I’ll update here when I decide what we’ll do.

  • Ok, Board Games are out for me for now until someone else perfects it first…

  • Our staff is so small, and this summer we’ll only use the GRA for teen & adult programs, so simplifying the digital-to-real shouldn’t be too hard. For physical prizes, I guess if we want to keep it really simple, people can show us a screen shot of the badges they’ve earned, or a printout. The random drawing prizes may be a little more tricky - will have to do one RL, one digital.

  • 675 badges @Harald ?! . Definitely curious about all of those, unfathomable to me right now trying to get a few dozen going.

  • It sounds like maybe we don’t have documentation about how to do the digital game board. I’ll have to probably create some of that at some point (once I figure out how it works).

  • The GRA does have the capability of doing the digital drawings which should work out okay if you decide to use it. It’s a little bit weird (I guess I should just attach that to every feature in this software) because you make a drawing “template” and then you use the template to perform the drawing. The logic behind this (I assume) was that people might want to do drawings with the same criteria over and over so they could reuse the same template to do so.

    A patron selected in a digital drawing has their prize show up in the Patron Prizes tab just like if they get a prize through the “physical prize” option with a badge (as I described above).

  • If you’re curious you can feast your eyes upon our badge gallery though I will admit some of the badges look better than others. :wink:


@Kit has a similar approach where he wanted a badge that had “levels” essentially so that he could put in an equal number of raffle tickets for each reader as they had achieved “level” of the badge (i.e. if it’s one badge awarded for every hour of reading then someone who read for three hours would level the badge to three and get three raffle tickets). This is not something I was super familiar with when I came on board here (as our program doesn’t work this way) but I do appreciate the input so that we can try to add more diverse functionality to the software moving forward. I think Kit manually made the required badges this year and I feel really bad because I think that was probably a lot of badges. :dizzy_face: Hopefully we can have this resolved next year if everyone intends to use the software again!


@harald WOW. Thanks for the link to your badges. I am admittedly addicted to creating badges, and might have dreamed of cooky ones to make and award. Too much fun!

Per the drawings, I was just setting one up for drawing a winner from those who earned the Early Bird badge (we gave out a secret code during our opening weekend of registration, and those who entered it get early registration bragging rights). I don’t think the templates are too weird at all, but I’m failing to figure out a way to draw a winner based on the a certain badge earned or secret code entered. There are lots of options for picking a winner, but “Earned this badge” and “Entered this secret code” don’t seem to options, eh? I’ll wait for your confirmation that I’m not missing it, then guess what - I’ll write up another feature request! :slight_smile: Thanks! (No rush on this, as I’ll just run a super duper easy report for the badge and use


Wow. Yes. These are not options. I’m learning things every day (still!) about this software. This is a super-obvious feature request. Sorry about that! :pouting_cat:


No worries! The reports options are robust enough, so I had no problems picking someone who earned a certain badge. Which makes me think that it wouldn’t be too bad to add both those above options to the Drawings, since the drawings are really just specialized reports. Thanks, Harald!


I’m thinking about mirroring the physical raffle tickets to = points in GRA, but as far as the Drawings go, they are just based on participation - 1 entry per name, not x Points, is that correct?


@Tammy “as far as the Drawings go, they are just based on participation - 1 entry per name, not x Points, is that correct?”

That’s my understanding, yes. The Drawing does not allow “bonus” entries.

Here’s an idea though. If you award badges based on reading (60 min badge, 120 minute badge, etc), you could use the Report feature which would allow bonus entries for those who have read more. I just ran a report checking the box “Earned Badge” but didn’t select a specific one from the drop-down filter. The report gives me patrons names more than once for each badge they’ve earned. You could then plop that list of names into List Randomizer and pick a winner, which would give those who are listed more than once an advantage.

(Sorry if this doesn’t make sense! I’ll be the first to admit that though I like solving problems, I don’t always come up with the simplest of solutions!)


Ok, @Holly - I see the report feature… you have a challenge for timed reading I guess? … the participant lists aren’t exportable… you’re doing a lot of copy and pasting to get this done?
(sorry to have so many questions about little details! This is really putting me through the ringer as I learn about SRP and the software at the same time).


@Tammy Yes, we award prizes for each hour of reading, so I’ve created badges that reflect that:

So if a patron has read 200 minutes so far, they’ll be awarded the 60 min, 120 min, and 180 minute badges - giving them three entries for a prize based off reading time. (At least this is the theory… I’m new to the GRA and we haven’t started yet!)


You can export the report as an Excel sheet, for sorting or grabbing just one column (I used username for the paste). Just change the Output Format from HTML to Excel.


Thanks for the screen shots & info @Holly!


Holly, How do folks receive a badge for their reading? Do you have this set up as a Challenge?


Badges for reading time are awarded by setting up Award Triggers. Here’s the example for the first hour badge for the kid program:

Since we give prizes only to kids under 11 years old for each hour they read, I used the program limiter. So an adult or teen who reads 60 minutes does not get this badge. The badges for kids have prizes attached, and we’re using the GRA to track prize redemption.

Teens and adults get badges too, but only for every 200 minutes read. The program limiter in the Award Trigger setup works perfectly for this!


Thanks for your reply. I’m really having a hard time with this - since points are awarded for Challenges other than reading, or given for attending events (with secret codes), we can’t use points only as award triggers.

I think I’ve found a workaround for us, but it’s good to see how others are using it! Thanks again.


Bummer. Yep, we only want to track reading time, so one point equals one minute of reading. Nothing else triggers points. So it makes it very simple.