Award Triggers Based on Dates, Not Badges or Points


The way we are going to be using badges is to give a weekly prize badge each week if patrons have at least 1 point (for 1 book read).

When awarding badges in ‘Manual Awards’, there is an option to choose who gets the badge based on how they earned points and (more importantly to us at least) when they earned them.

I’ve already created the number of badges we need for the number of weeks in our program, but I can’t find a way to award badges based on date in ‘Award Triggers’, so we would have to go into ‘Manual Awards’ each week to give patrons their badges.

Is there a way to get the earned between code into the award triggers code instead of just the manual awards?

Thank you!


Sorry about the delay getting back to you!

Unfortunately I think you’ll have to use Manual Awards to fire those. I don’t think the triggers thing in v3 supports that kind of date-based automatic awarding.

I’ll make a note of it as a feature that you’d like to have.


Thank you! :slight_smile: