Award Triggers / Badges


(not sure if this is a feature request)

If I have 3 challenges/events that are similar, I’d like to give 3 of the same badges. Right now, only the 1st one pops up & appears in the player’s gallery. After all 3 are received, I’d like to have an Award Trigger where “Must have earned 3 of the 1 checked badges”. Right now, this isn’t working (should it?)

Also, regarding Award Triggers, since an award can be triggered based on other badges received at any time in the game, specifying the exact # of points they need to get isn’t working for me, is it possible for it to be >= #points?


I think right now for this process to work you’d have to have three separate (but similar) badges. Once someone is awarded a badge I don’t think it can be ‘re-awarded’ to them.

I believe in Award Triggers that the points is >= the number specified as you say.


Thanks @harald. I’ll check the Award Trigger again, at the time I wrote the question, I didn’t want to have an Award Trigger dependent on points - just on badges received. It seems to work fine now that I cleared up my badge situation.