Application Error viewing Sub-Account List from Parent Account


When on the Patron Account Details page if the red option for Sub Account List is clicked we are taken to an error page that states “There has been an application error”. We have tried IE, Firefox, and Chrome with the same result across 2 different devices and all browsers.

We are also getting the same error if we are viewing a patron record on the “Patron Account Details” page and then click the “Patrons” tab at the top. Although usually clicking that tab a second time from the error page will allow us to get where we need to go.

Thanks for the help!


Sorry about this, it appears to be a bug! I’m taking a look at a fix.


I’ve seen this error in other areas, but only temporarily. If I click a few more times I’ll get where I’m trying to go. But this one seems permanent, based on the amount of trials you’ve done @library1


I believe I’ve fixed this issue in the 3.0.3 release. I’ve posted upgrade instructions here on the forum. So sorry about this!