Application Error for Badges


Receiving Application Error when selecting Badges in the Management tab. Also receiving this error page when first logging in. I am attaching screen shots and error log in additional posts as I am new and can only do one image per post.


I recall getting those a lot when I was using GRA v3, but on a refresh or back/forward I could always get where I was trying to go. There were no show stopping glitches that prevented use of the software. Is this true for you as well?

If this is the same bug, it was fixed in 3.0.3. What version are you running? The upgrade instructions are here: Upgrade GRA v3.* to v3.0.3



I’m sorry that you’re getting this error, I’m not sure exactly what is going on. That log file doesn’t give a whole lot of detail - if there are other lines in the log file maybe you could attach it in a private message to me? Would you be comfortable providing me with an account so I could try to access your site and see if I can figure it out? Also (or alternately) if you could provide a database backup I could restore it here and try to see if I can pinpoint what is going on.


Thank you both : )
It does refresh for other pages, but not for the badges page.
We are running 3.01, so I will pursue upgrading to 3.03.


Hi Harald,

We would greatly appreciate if you could take a look. We do have someone know how to provide a database backup if needed also. Our original web wrangler is no longer on staff.

Our link and login follows -

Thank you


@itspressing I was able to log in and see the error. If you could send me a database backup that would be excellent (you can probably attach it to a private message on this forum, if not let me know).


It looks like if you go into the Program List (/ControlRoom/Modules/Programs/ProgramList.aspx) and ensure one program is set to “Is Active” and not set to “Is Hidden” then your errors should go away.

Let us know if that works for you!


Thanks Harald! So glad it was an easy user error.