Allowing patron username changes


We’re getting a number of requests for this feature this year. They seem to be coming in one of two forms:

I used my child’s full first and last name and I don’t want it showing up on the feed


I want to change my username because I wanna

I’m manually handling the former with database queries (UPDATE [Patron] SET [Username] = 'CaptainMal' WHERE [PID] = 90210) but it seems like most of them are the latter.

Possible approaches:

  1. CR interface for changing a person’s username. Adds another potential responsibility for those running the program but would actually allow this functionality which right now requires a manual database query. This approach should probably send an email when it’s completed if the patron has a registered email address.

  2. Patron interface for people to change their own usernames. Removes any workload from those running the program but is there a potential for abuse? I’m not sure. Possibly mitigated by only allowing x changes per y (either time-based or total across the program or whatever).


I like the second option. What were you thinking in regard to potential abuse? I can’t come up with anything that doesn’t also apply to establishing a username in the signup process. What am I missing?

This would save a lot of time.


Just thinking about the lengths that teenagers go to to grief each-other. I suppose you’re right, it’s just as easy for me to make a second carissux account as it would be to change my current username to that.


Easier said than done.


Either option is an improvement over the current/non-changeable usernames. We’re a small library (under 400 registrations this year) and we are accustomed to helping patrons one-on-one. So ideally both options would be available, so we could help patrons in person or they could do this on their own. Thanks for considering this feature! I’ve had to delete a couple patrons who messed up when registering.