Adventures - Code Breakers


The Easy, Medium & Hard Categories - is that determined by the difficulty of the code I create? or ? is there a way to hide part of the Key? (I want to use this for Adults and not make it so simple).


For each code breaker Adventure that you configure you should be able to create three different codes and label them as Easy, Medium, and Hard. Then when the user is brought to the Adventure I believe they select the difficulty level that they want to play.

For our program this year we are only having one difficulty level because I believe we had trouble with the success of children self-selecting the appropriate category. I don’t know that we’ve tried setting up a game with multiple difficulty levels in a while, I believe it still should work properly.


Yes, the difficulty is determined by how complex your code is.

There’s no way to hide a part of the key. If you leave any letter in the key setup blank, it’ll put a little “image missing” image in its place. To achieve what you’re trying to do, though, you could upload the same image (such as a 100x100 pixel white square) for several of the letters. That would effectively obscure whatever letters of the code that you wanted.


Brilliant idea @carisomalley! I love the idea of the white squares, that solves one problem.

@harald - the odd thing about our setup this summer is that we’re not doing a kids version, just adults & teens - so I wanted to have it more complicated… can tweak the text to fit our needs only so much because the other problem I’ve found is that long words are broken up across lines. So, unless I think of a workaround for that, we’ll have to keep our codes breakers short.

It does work nicely on the user interface, where someone can choose easy, medium, or difficult.


@Tammy Not sure where it is or how to change it (@harald might have some idea), but there is a way (in the code) to change the width of the images in the key. They default to 36px width. When I test, I’m able to get ten in a row, which, give or take a few pixels, means you have about 360 pixels to work with. If you changed that width to something smaller, you should be able to keep the whole word on the same line.

I think the adjustment is relatively easy- we had to change it a couple of times our first year.


Thanks again @carisomalley! I’ll have to look into that.


@Tammy With a quick search of the source code, I think the file you’re looking for is MGCodeBreakerKeySetup.aspx. If I’m correct, you should just have to change the number in the ImgWidth field. That should work, right, @harald?