Admin Abilities - Passwords and Books Logged


Is there anyway for us as admins to see people’s passwords and the books they logged? Also, the password recovery doesn’t seem to be sending an email (I know we were concerned about this). I tried it myself and still have not received an email.


There is no way to recover a patron’s password as that would be a security risk. From the Control Room administrators can reset a user’s password but cannot view it. In addition, users can reset their own password once the email system is functioning.

I don’t think there’s a way to see specific titles entered from the Control Room but I will check with people here because I know there were questions about that here during our winter reading program.

I’m sorry I don’t have more details on the email problem for you, I will move that up on my priority list to troubleshoot.


At this time there isn’t a way to access a reading list from the Control Room. Participants can do it from their own account page on the public side, but that is currently the only way it can be accessed.


I have added a feature enhancement to make the reading list visible from the Control Room so it will certainly be in a future version!