Add 'Earned ___ badge' and 'Entered ___ secret code' to Drawings


Both the ‘Earned ___ badge’ and ‘Earned ___ secret code’ are filter options in Reports, but not for Drawings. I would love to see these added to Drawing Templates as additional filters (along side the existing Program, Gender, School, Library, etc).

(We gave out a secret code during our opening weekend of registration, and those who entered it get early registration bragging rights. We wanted to pick a “winner” among those early registrations, mainly as an incentive for patrons to sign up early, but also to showcase the new digital platform and the new-to-all-of-us badges/secret codes.)

No complaints here, since the reports option did enable me to filter by badge/secret code, but I’m spoiled by the enthusiastic reception to my ideas by the GRA developers… THANKS!