Account timeout doesn't route to 'Logout URL'


We are using a multi-tenancy setup.

I have all programs in my organization (my half of the database) set to use the ‘Logout URL’ of, which is our “landing page”…

However, I’ve noticed that if I’m logged in as a front-end user and am inactive for a while and then try to do something in my account, I get routed to the domain home (, which contains default text and the Register button doesn’t work (because it’s the master instead of my organization “master”).

I’ve gone into the Master account and set the ‘Logout URL’ for that top-end account to our Org select url (, but it hasn’t changed what happens after a period of inactivity.

Is there any way I can get inactivity to act the same as a manual logout?


Grr. When it times out it should at worst take you back to the select.aspx page to select a Tenant/Organization. I’m not sure that a session timeout uses the logout URL but it should at least take you to select.aspx and let you choose the correct Tenant/Organization. I’ll try to do some testing here and see if I can figure out what’s going on.


Great, thanks Harald! I was hoping that was the case. Sounds like I provided all the info you needed (phew!), but let me know if you need anything else.


UPDATE: The below edit to the Master fixed the issue. Now timeouts redirect to /select.aspx and manual logouts go to /Default.aspx?PID=# (the landing page).

Hmmm… remember this issue? Site redirecting to Control Room login page

That got me thinking, so I took out the domain name for ALL Organizations (it was still entered in the Master). I’ll see if that helps force it to go to /select.aspx instead of the domain (though ideally a timeout would act the same way as a manual logout).


Thanks so much for doing the investigative work and figuring this out, Holly. I was really worried last night that I had missed something critical as the tenancy time-out problem was a big issue last year!


@bcunningham said on 5/13/16
I noticed the redirect issue is happening again. I logged into the control room and the master tenant domain was removed. Holly, was that you? I know I didn’t make any changes since setting that last. Anyways, I set it back to our domain, left the other two organizations domain name blank, and it is no longer redirecting.


Yes, that was me. Trying to fix a timeout issue that routed patrons back to the master tenant (which doesn’t give ability to register, because it doesn’t have the organizations in there).

Removing the domain fixed the timeout issue, and I didn’t notice any redirect issues after doing it (which I did two days ago).

Hmm… maybe we can put add /select.aspx to that domain in the master tenant, since it seems to want SOMETHING there for you… and I need timeouts to go to /select.aspx so patrons aren’t stuck.