Ability to hide/suppress 'My School is:' section of registration


I would like to supress the ‘My School is:’ section of the registration because:

  • We have multiple homeschool programs which we list as individual schools in the School list. (Clicking Homeschool prevents selecting a school.)

  • We have all our schools set up under a single School District, which is a combination of Public/Private/Charter, so the Public button is limiting and inaccurate for our situation.


Since this section of registration appears independent from the rest of the school information, I’m thinking it can just be removed from the code without issue? I’m happy to test this if I can be pointed in the right direction. Thanks!


You may be able to fix this by adding the following to the wwwroot/css/site.css file:

button#setPublic, button#setHomeschool {
  display: none;

Note that files in the wwwroot directory cache for a while (7 days) so you may need to shift-reload the page or clear your cache to see the effect of these changes.


Been fumbling with that fix suggestion… it’s not suppressing, and even changing the button text isn’t showing…But the site.css file is empty so I am suspicious. I don’t have direct access to the web server so I’m getting the directory copied over so I can poke around. Thanks!


There’s something weird with that site.css file, whatever is on the line before display: none; it is confusing the Web browser. Backspace out what is there and then ensure it’s just a couple spaces. That should fix it.

Edit: also it’s button#setPublic and not button#setLibrary.


That worked! Public and Homeschool buttons now hidden. Poking to suppress “My School is:” text and the ‘School Not Listed’ button/checklist now. Thanks!


Edit: also it’s button#setPublic and not button#setLibrary.

Oh, yeah we edited the text to test if the display: none wasn’t working, or if no edits were working/displaying. You have eagle eyes!


This might do it? Be careful if you cut and paste becuase of that non-breaking space issue:

button#setPublic, button#setHomeschool, label#notListedLabel {
  display: none;
div#schoolFields > div.row:first-of-type {
  display: none;


Thanks, @harald. Just figured it out. Now, after the flag fix you’ll apply, registration will be smooth and perfect!