Ability to filter events by age group


We would like the ability to allow patrons to filter the events list based on age group – We noticed that the badge gallery can be filtered by Age so maybe some of that code can be copied over to the events page.

Thank you for the consideration!


Thanks for this suggestion! We’ve actually been talking about this in-house. I’m not sure if it will make this year since it becomes challenging figuring out how to divide it up:

  1. One option is to do it by program but that’s a pretty rigid separation. This can be kind-of rough though, what about tweens? By default we only use four programs. This is the way badges work now.

  2. Even if we do by program should it be multiple programs? For example, we have events applicable to adults and teens. That adds a layer of complexity.

  3. Another option would be allowing people to set up their own “age range” categories in the event system. This would add yet another configuration thing (we already have so many!) and it’s unclear how far down the “event management system” rabbit hole we want to go. This would probably be the most flexible, though.

Any feedback is welcome on this!


I think having Events categorized by Program would be best. If necessary we could just copy the ones that are duplicate across age groups. (Which would be another nice feature across the board for all things - a “Duplicate/Copy” option that would make a copy with maybe a (1) after it for editing… would be useful for EVENTS, BADGES, Challenges.)


Hi Harald-

I’m trying to set up the age code type for Events, but I can’t seem to make it work right. I have the codes all set up, but don’t see how to activate them in the event description. See attached screenshot.

. (NOTE: I fixed the kid’s age range to K-5th)



Sorry about the delay getting back to you, I had to get version 3 running here to look at this.

I was able to set up a code for age groups on events and assign it to the event (after you set up the code you have to choose “Event Fields” at the top and add it as a custom field and enable it). The problem is: I don’t believe the front-end of the site currently has the ability to filter by that, I think it must have gotten removed when we redid the front-end of the site. :frowning: