Ability to edit display order of system code lists


After entering a list of schools (Settings > System Codes), I’m realizing that I can’t reorder the list. I’ll need to delete the existing codes and start over by entering them in alphabetical order. This would be troublesome to do if someone had an extensive list already created.

The ability to change the display order (such as is possible in Programs > Display Order) would be awesome.

Definitely a low priority wishlist item.


They should be ordered alphabetically in the application when they are displayed in the registration drop-downs, is that not how you want them ordered?

It’s on my list to implement a crosswalk upload function since we have to enter about 1,000 schools for our summer program so hopefully that will make it easier to enter a large number of items in the future.

I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten with it but I’ve noticed that things can be a little wonky if you don’t have crosswalks configured. Even if you aren’t going to have “Library Districts” or “School Districts” toggled on for registration you probably want to ensure that each library or each school is assigned to a district in the crosswalk configuration.

In addition, I recall seeing some weird logic regarding the “City” field in the library crosswalk, something to the effect of if that field was populated it would only display libraries that matched the city that the user entered in the free-form city field during registration - I’d recommend leaving the “City” field in the crosswalk blank.

Hope this all makes sense.


I’m still waiting for the list I created to show up on the public registration side. I saw my original list (3 schools total) the first time around, but they were entered in alphabetical order anyway so I can’t confirm yet that they order themselves. I will check in once I see the new list.


Thanks for the crosswalk tips. I’ll create a School Type and Library District and make sure all schools are assigned to those.


Confirmed that the school list WILL reorder when viewed on the public registration side, as well as within the Control Room on the Crosswalk view. Yay! This feature request is a non-issue now.


So glad that worked. I need to find some time to really update the documentation!