4.0.0-beta2: Reports calendar no longer defaults to 12:00am


In 4.0.0-beta2, the reports calendar time now defaults to the current time instead of 12:00am. This is not ideal, as many of our reports we’d like to collect daily. For example, using Activity by Program to see a count of the registrations for May 13, I select a Start Date of 5/13/18 12:00am and End Date of 5/14/18 12:00am.

While I can still run reports using the time of 12:00am, because the calendar time now defaults to the current time it takes extra steps to return it to the previous default of 12:00am by manually changing the time in two fields. This default change could also result in inaccurate reporting (especially when running daily reports to make comparisons) since every time a report is run it is now being based off the current time instead of a standard time.


We’ll take a look at this. I’m not sure why it changed but you are right that this is less than ideal!



Do these changes make sense to you:

  1. Default start date to midnight two days ago and end date to midnight today (so default to all of yesterday).
  2. Add a button for “Entire program” which sets start date to start of program (alternately 1/1/2018 if no program start date is set) and end date to right now.
  3. Add a button for “last 7 days” which sets start date to today minus 8 days and end date to midnight today.


Yes, that sounds great.

Also, output in UI and spreadsheet should include the date/range selected. (Currently only timestamp in UI is the date/time report was run, and spreadsheet has none.)


I agree with this. The challenge was figuring out where to put it so that it wouldn’t interfere if people were doing aggregate computations on the spreadsheet. We’ll figure out how to get it in there somehow.


Added to GitHub:

Issue #317 Enhance date selection on reports which use it

Issue #318 Add report metadata to reports