Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
Ability for staff to award/check off Challenges for participants (2)
Registration Close date added to Site Management (2)
Simpler master-and-sub account creation (4)
Ability to filter events by age group (5)
Ability to hide/suppress 'My School is:' section of registration (8)
Integration with ILS (4)
Badges listed on "see all badges" page linked to badge's challenge, game, event, etc (3)
Award Triggers Based on Dates, Not Badges or Points (3)
New Features for 2017? (2)
Family Accounts (4)
Registration Start/End dates instead of just Start/End (2)
Ability to report on Master accounts (count of "family" registrations) (2)
Report to gather 'Book Details' field? (1)
List of issues with test/survey (5)
Badge Associations (1)
Badges & Award Triggers (2)
Code Breakers Request (1)
Allowing patron username changes (5)
Display message when people log in (3)
Patrons publishing book reviews? (8)
Let users/parents see their own assessment scores (2)
Badge Visibility in Control Room (2)
Indicator for new Mail messages in Control Room (5)
Reporter doesn't play nice with small date ranges (3)
Setting a future 'Logging Start Date' hides Reading Log/Secret Code (11)
Ability to clone Badges (3)
An even simpler Patrons Management interface for circ desk staff (3)
Add 'Earned ___ badge' and 'Entered ___ secret code' to Drawings (1)
Ability to edit display order of system code lists (6)